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Setup a standing order or direct debit online  

Thank you for playing the 1953 sweepstake.  You chose to set up a standing order or direct debit using your own online banking facility. This could be on a computer or an app. Thanks - this is the most efficient way for us and we incur no fees.  


You will need to enter our bank details and the amount you wish to pay on a monthly basis e.g. 3 entries at £5 = £15. See our bank detail below and links to the instructions from major banks on how to do it.     

 Account Name: Blackpool Supporters Society Limited 


Sort Code: 608301


Account Number: 20345826  

 Click on the logo for instructions from major banks:


Note these are instructions only, not links to a processing page, you need to access your bank online or through a banking App. 


We have provided the link primarily to standing order instructions . You may need to search for direct debit instructions    

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