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Poulton FC U10s attend the Wigan game

We appreciate you taking part in the 1953 Sweepstake. We would like to keep you informed on how we are utilising the proceeds.

One of our objectives for running the Sweepstake is to grow the number of younger Blackpool fans. We know of examples of where, young teams have attended games together and a number of the group have caught the tangerine bug, persuading parents to take them to matches.

With this in mind, the Sweepstake funded 20 players from Poulton U10s, plus 8 parents and coaches, to attend the Wigan game on Saturday. Luckily we won !

"The boys had a great time and hopefully we hooked in a couple of new Pool Fans!" John Aspinall - Poulton FC Under 10s manager.

Early signs are that the initiative was a success , so we will be looking to repeat the initiative with other Fylde coast youth teams next season.

We will be updating you on more initiatives soon. If you would like to suggest other ideas or causes for us to support, don't hesitate to contact the BST Secretary.

“for Blackpool fans, our football club and our community"

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