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Welcome to the Blackpool Supporters Trust 1953 Sweepstake  

Support our initiatives to grow the Blackpool FC fanbase, promote youth football and support community causes by playing our monthly lottery. Forty percent of proceeds are shared as prizes, the remainder is used to support identified initiatives. 

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Have the chance to win cash and bonus prizes in the Blackpool Supporters Trust 1953 Sweepstake while at the same time supporting our activities in the community 

The main objectives of the prize draw are to pursue the following aims, and finance any activities designed to achieve them:


  • benefit present and future members of the community served by Blackpool Football Club by promoting, encouraging and furthering the game of football as a recreational facility, sporting activity and focus for community involvement

  • assist in the growth of the club fanbase 

  • represent and campaign on issues decided by the members and, by extension, the supporters of Blackpool Football Club

  • strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community it serves and represent the interests of the community in the running of the Club.



How to play 

Each entry is £5 per month. No limit on the number of entries per player. 

Debit / Credit card 

Set up your regular entry by using a debit or credit card 

Standing order or direct debit online   

Set up a standing order  or direct debit through your bank account online or using your banking app 

Easiest and most cost effective 

Download a standing order form 

Download a standing order form, print it and mail it to us.   

Payments can be set up for any day of the month. The draw is made in the first two weeks of the following Month depending on Blackpool home fixtures, if there are no home fixtures the draw will take place anyway. All entries received in the previous month qualify for the draw. 


BST initiatives 

Learn about our recent activities in the community 

See below examples of recent initiatives Blackpool Supporters Trust have implemented with the objectives to grow the Blackpool FC fanbase, promoting youth football and supporting  community causes. Your support with the lottery will enable BST to grow our activities in these areas. 

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